Never miss an opportunity, is every traders’ mantra. Trading is no longer a game of chance. With technology at your beck and call, for the many difficulties that may arise in your trading journey; there is a solution today that can help you overcome it. Access to information can help you act swiftly and that's why Alerts on a trading platform are the gateway to increasing your chance of making a profit in trading.

What are Price Alerts?

Price Alerts are nothing but instant notifications sent to your mobile on reaching a specified price target. Price Alerts can be set on a pre-set price target to help you enter and exit a stock at the right time. These allow you to respond to price movements as they happen.

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Why should you use Price Alerts?

Alerts offer the savvy trader a number of invaluable benefits:

  • Save time: With an alert you've got a lot of time on your hand. By setting an alert for a criteria, you take action only once you receive a price alert.
  • Stay Updated: No matter where you are, if you’re an alert will keep you updated about the price movement on the stock you’ve been monitoring.
  • Reduce error –Alerts are developed according to mathematical models and eliminate the risk of human error while tracking a stock.
  • Move fast – Instead of manually following news and tracking every stock, an alert can provide notifications on multiple stocks with an option of adding customized price range.
  • Simplified – Alerts on Market Pulse are easy to use, set up and customize.