Track 100s of stocks, futures & options with ease on your smartphone.

These 5 unique & hidden features on MP make it super easy:

1. Mini View

See over 30 scrips in one screen.

2. Price & Strategy Alerts

Missing opportunities hurt traders the most. And they mostly come when you are not looking at the screen.

With our real-time alerting system, you can track your targets or your strategies and get real-time signals in less than 30 seconds, no matter where your focus is.

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3. Easy navigation between spot, futures & options

Shortcut buttons make it a breeze to jump between spot, futures & options.

4. Grouping of Cash, Near & Far Month contracts

Get a clearer view of the cash & futures market with grouping of cash scrips, near & far month contracts automatically.

5. Auto Rollover on Expiry

Our Near & Far scrips rollover automatically on expiry so that you do not have to keep re-adjusting your watchlist every month-end.